Podere Erica is a 30-acre farm located in Chianti, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Italy.Podere Erica, Barberino val d'elsa, Tuscany www.chiantivacation.com

Chianti is a region steeped in history. The cultivation of grape vines was introduced by the Etruscans and improved by the Romans, creating the foundation for a most prestigious wine-making tradition. In the second half of the twentieth century, however, the elimination of the sharecropping system transformed the land. Sharecroppers vacated their farmhouses and the vineyards were sold off or deserted. The farmhouses, having lost their role as rural homes, became agriturismos or new homes for Italians and foreigners wishing to exchange the chaotic urban life for a serene existence in the countryside. I am delighted to say that our family has benefitted from this historical change in Tuscany that enabled us to buy our small farm, Podere Erica. Our 500 year-old stone farmhouse is not only surrounded by meticulous rows of grape vines, but also an orchard of carefully cared for olive trees (that, by the way, produce the best olive oil in the world), serene pastures and our own little forest and stream.

Olive grove at Podere Erica, Tuscany www.chiantivacation.com Grape Vines at Podere Erica, Tuscany www.chiantivacation.comSanviogese grapes at Podere Erica, Tuscany, www.chiantivacation.com

Preserving and protecting this land and all its uses is our goal and our passion.   To that end we also desire to produce elegant, earthy wines which are true to both tradition and terroir.   The principal variety planted is Sangiovese, one of the oldest Italian grapes, which forms the foundation of Chianti wines. Along with Sangiovese, we have also planted traditional varieties such as Malvasia and Canaiolo.  Marco Giordano, our vineyard director, is not only knowledgeable about producing wines organically, he is adamant!   From the initial planting of the vines to the aging process, all is completed biodynamically, resulting in sophisticated wines, bearing no resemblance to that in those old straw flasks.