No one can argue that Italians are not stylish!  They are known for their fashion style in clothing and automobiles, of course, but also in their homes and their way of life.  When it comes to art, culture and design,  Italy has been a source of inspiration to the rest of the world for hundreds of years.   During the Renaissance, there were rich patrons who commissioned exciting and dramatic art in the form of fresco and oil paintings and sculpture in marble, bronze and terra cotta.  Innovations were even made in the manufacture of cloth for the sumptuous adornments of the rich.  Even now one of the oldest manufacturers of silk still exists in Florence.  The ornately painted and gilded palaces of the time have been preserved for all to see and be inspired today.  The polished, gilded and carved furniture hand made from fine woods present a style that has been copied and re-invented over time.

You may not be able to live in a Renaissance palazzo, but you can surround yourself with Italian style.  Take a look at my Pinterest board on Italian Decor to find inspiration for your own home.



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Palazzo Mocenigo in AD




Beautiful antiques in formal and rustic styles can be

found at Fatto a Mano in San Francisco,


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